Why to post or share your jobs on this platform?

Dear Recruiter/HR,

Greetings from searchjobskuwait.

searchjobskuwait is a not for profit platform to share genuine vacancies in Kuwait. The Facebook group has around 88,800 active members.

Facebook Group Link :https://www.facebook.com/groups/searchjobskuwait/

Vacancies are also published in   mykuwaitjobs blog and mykuwaitjobs Facebookpage.

These are all free postings.

Also there are couple of advantages while posting your jobs on websites:

· Unlike Messaging applications/software which are widely used on Mobile and other devices now a days, where a viewer views a job and probably might delete to save the space on his phone, the jobs on websites remain live for a certain period of time.(searchjobskuwait offers 25 days live as default for normal job openings)

· As a result, the job gets indexed on search engines and it shows up in search results in search engines like Google which further enhances visibility of job listings.

· It’s usually difficult to search for a  job content(even if it’s a day old) through messaging applications on the phone devices as lot of messages accumulate on a daily basis and retrieval becomes difficult even if there is a  facility of search box provided by the messaging application. But it’s relatively easy to search and find job listings from websites.

· Further if you wish, we can give your job posting a featured listing status so that the job postings remain in one among the top listings on the site and is easily seen even when other jobs are added.

These vacancies are further shared among various social media and professional platforms to ensure enhanced visibility for your job postings.

Please have a look and feel free to post openings.

 If you are sending the vacancies for sharing encourage to include these details below:

 1.Company  Name,Contact details-Phone Number&Official Email Address

 2.Job descriptions and relevant details like budget/salary package for the position if you have one

 3.Any other details that you might deem fit.

thus attracting suitable and qualified candidates creating a win-win for both the Employer and Applicant/Candidate.

Alternatively you can send a vacancy to +965 9479 5223 (WhatsApp/Telegram/Direct Call).  

Further, the company details shall not be disclosed if you wish so while sharing the advertisement.


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You can post a job without registering to the site here: http://searchjobskuwait.com/jobs/post-a-job/add/