Welcome New Decade 2020-2030

How technology can bring about change to our lives in the new decade

Have you ever thought of how the new decade will look like as far as technology is concerned,and how it might affect our lives.Let us have a projection by having a retrospective fact check as to what has happened during the past 30 years,as often its said that the past is a reflection of the future and change will redefine change and its constant.

1990-2000:This was an era where the desktops and still the good old land-phones,and letters and communications through postal service dominated our lives.

2000-2010:The laptops started becoming common.The land-phones were slowly being replaced by mobile phones,but it was of considerable size.The Finland based Nokia was a dominant player in the market followed by Samsung.Though the iphones were available they did not had the wide use as it was today.

Also the Windows operating system were slowly being replaced by Linux although Windows still held up at least by 50% eventually.

Though the Symbian operating system by Nokia dominated a new open source Android system was being developed,and it began to see wide spread use due to the features it offered.

Although Google had launched Orkut,Facebook was slowly catching up due its ease of use and features.Google still remained the most popular search-engine.Youtube also started gaining momentum.

2010-2020:Artificial intelligence started to develop.Although still in relatively infancy stage its gaining momentum.

(to be continued)