Maths and Science Teachers(High School Level)

  • March 2, 2020
Canadian Bilingual School
March 2, 2020
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A reputed school in Kuwait is looking for

  1. Maths Teacher
  2. Science Teacher

to teach High School level students for the Academic Year 2020-21

Job Description

1. Teaching up to 30 students with a variety of strengths and weaknesses in a self-contained classroom.
2. Understand how each child in the class learns best and then plan and develop creative teaching and learning activities using the modified Ontario curriculum and the supporting resources to effectively teach each child. *Refer to the ‘Teacher Framework for Instructional Practice’ document for further expectations.
3. Plan and submit the following documents in a timely manner:
I. Weekly lesson plans to be posted on Curriculum Trak every Wednesday
II. Long term plans to be submitted at the end of May each year to the Academic Coordinator/ Principal/ Vice-Principal.
III. Based on the quarterly assessment calendar, create relevant assessments and implement them in a timely manner.
4. Maintain the following records for each student in the class:
I. Student profile and information from the previous year.
II. Progress and report card copies.
III. Assessment folder:
• Diagnostic assessments
• Formative assessments
• Summative assessments.
5. Use of Technology:
I. Take daily attendance on the attendance module of RenWeb.
II. Post all student behaviour problems on the behaviour module of RenWeb. This is important to track all issues concerning students with behaviour problems.
III. Use the classroom smart board as an effective interactive teaching tool.
IV. Check out the iPads from the library to do class research, reading and MAP testing (Sep and April each year).
6. Maintaining professional competence through in-service professional development activities provided by the school. The literacy coach is available in school and does regular walkthroughs to help improve learning and all staff are encouraged to ask for her help.
7. Ensure effective classroom management: Enlist the help of the social worker to understand how to effectively manage the classroom so that learning can happen. Corporal punishment or abuse of any kind is against the school policy.
8. Attend all meetings:
I. Monthly staff meetings after school
II. Curriculum review meetings
III. Quarterly ‘Students of concern’ meetings
IV. Any other meeting
9. Maintaining high standard of classroom and corridor displays which reflects the work of the students.
10. Afterschool intervention program: Students who have trouble reading, writing or understanding any of the strands being taught should be given additional support through the mandatory afterschool intervention program. This is the only way to ensure that the ‘Student Goals’ for the class are achieved.
11. Plan and implement field trips which are linked to the curriculum. Plans should reach the Principal’s secretary 2 weeks prior to the date.
12. Teachers are expected to participate in at least one committee, all parent engagement activities, all weekly school assemblies and all school events.
13. Supporting other members of the faculty during short leaves of absence.
14. Ensure effective communication:
I. All staff are expected to read and comply with the morning memos sent by the principal every morning.
II. Use the support of the Educational Assistant/ ESL teacher to connect with each child’s parents. Written reminders, positive successes of students and requests for a meeting can all be written in the student communication books.
III. Send monthly class newsletters to parents after getting the approval of the VP: this keeps parents up-to-date on the work and upcoming events.
IV. Communicate effectively with the social worker to monitor the progress of students identified as ‘Students at risk’ or ‘Students of academic concern’.

Notes to the Applicants

Candidates to be based in Kuwait already.Any nationality can apply.

Application Link and details to apply

Suitable and interested can send your CV/Resume to

About the Company/Organization

CBS started in September 2007 with about 100 students. Our school includes JK through Grade 12. Over time, we have achieved steady and consistent growth in the number of students enrolled, improved quality of infrastructure and academic programs and steadily brought in more technology. We have also set up enhanced management systems and improved policies and processes. At CBS, we provide an environment where children can develop their innate skills and discover more about themselves.

Through the experience that we have gained over the years, we have formulated and developed a rigorous academic structure and programs to ensure the overall growth of our students. Along with academics, we also promote a safe, inspiring and supportive environment for our students. We always encourage an active participation from parents, teachers and community members.

The curriculum at CBS is the driving force behind all the initiatives and teaching strategies of its faculty. Students require consistent challenging programs that will capture their interest and stimulate creative thinking and problem solving abilities. They must also be able to build independent capabilities as well as a team spirit in order to be prepared for a lifetime of learning. Our students, in the process of learning, acquire knowledge and the skills required to excel when they enter the work environment.

CBS follows a modified Ontario (Canada) curriculum. This adds enriching concepts in all subjects. To ensure that the best programming is provided to the children, resources have been employed from other sources too. Our teachers use Curriculum Expectations and Achievement Level charts to ensure that the appropriate grade levels goals are met.

We have facilities on our campus which include a multipurpose hall for school functions and sports activities, large kindergarten play areas, a comprehensive school library, efficient and updated science and computer labs and 2 soccer fields.

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