Inspection engineer (welding and coating),Expediter,Project Engineer

  • February 8, 2020
February 8, 2020
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Enieco,a Divison of M/s Dar Al Ahmadi GTC WLL has the following urgent Vacancies

EN-IE-001 - Inspection engineer (welding and coating)


  • Performing and coordinating shop and site inspection including vendor’s premises at various stages of fabrication to ensure compliances with code or project specification and overall control quality performance.
  • Participating PIM (pre inspection meeting) with clients.
  • Ensure the most update revision drawing, isometric specification, standards, and procedure.
  • Ensure all QC activities are parallel to construction activities.
  • Maintain and update all welding procedure specifications (WPS) and procedure qualification records (PQR) used in project.
  • Constantly review welding procedure and submit vendors or subcontractors inspection reports and examine radiography films.
  • Monitoring and updating welder’s records including those that might have been qualified but are present for work.
  • Records shall also include the qualification held and their performance records.
  • Corrective action repots.
  • Formulized test package for pressure testing.
  • Ensure reports are submitted on time as per client’s request.

QUALIFICATION: Degree/Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. ASNT LEVEL 2, AWS CWI/CSWIP3.1, NACE LEVEL2/ B GAS- GRADE 2

Experience- Min 7 years experience in power, marine, petrochemical, oil and gas projects.


EN-EP-002 - Expediter


  • Coordinate inspection and logistics activities between supplier and prime vendors.
  • Follow up INSPECTION activity.
  • Conduct pre-inspection and technical meetings with vendor and review purchase order.
  • Analyze all the activity like commercial quality, procuring, delivering etc...
  • Maintain an expediting document for each purchase order.
  • Carry out desk and field expediting visit to speed up activities.
  • Review inspection report and verify for compliance with PO requirements in consulting with TPI.
  • Prepare records reflecting summary of vendor contacts, progress visits, and inspection reports status.
  • Verify vendor payment invoices with respect to PO terms and conditions.
  • Plan shipping for critical/big packages prior to readiness of consignment.

QUALIFICATION: Degree/Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Experience- Min 7 years experience in power, marine, petrochemical, oil and gas projects.

EN-PE-003 - Project engineer

Co-ordinate with engineering and procurement to review the scope of the job in terms of deliverable s to be submitted to the client, finalize schedules to be met, resources required as per contractual terms, and support in terms of required co-ordination with the respective teams to ensure execution as per defined parameters.

  • Review the contract in terms of scope of work, obligations to the client, schedules, possible areas of concerns, action plans, prepare the agenda for the kick off meeting with the client and collect relevant information from various disciplines.
  • Finalize the list of deliverables as per the contract after discussing them with various sites which is then submitted to the client for their review and approval.
  • Co-ordinate with the Engineering discipline who will prepare and issue deliverables such as material requisition, technical bid evaluation and purchase requisition as required for procurement activities as well as Deliverables like Drawings, Procedures, calculations etc. These are then reviewed and monitored on a weekly basis and see of slippages and corrective action is taken.
  • Interface with procurement to review the status of procurement activities and take corrective action as needed.
  • Organize weekly review meetings with the client to discuss progress achieved to date as well as a forecast for the following week in addition to any other issues which need to be resolved.
  • Interface with other Company if required as per Contract wherein the project engineer ensures any co-ordination required with other organizations which is achieved by transferring engineering documents, sorting out queries etc between the other Company and concurrence with the Client.
  • Co-ordinate with the expediting team for delivery of equipment and materials in order to monitor the status of equipment delivery by the vendor and organize weekly review meetings to verify the status and take corrective action as required.
  • Interface with the suppliers to resolve technical issues and incase of any deviations understand the reasons thereof and decide the feasibility of continuing with the existing arrangement.
  • Interface with site to resolve site queries which are sent to the Project Engineer in terms of material not received, non conformance reports, drawings who then discusses and analyses the same with the engineering, procurement and expediting teams as required to arrive at workable solutions for site.
  • Perform any other related duties and responsibilities as required by the reporting manager.

QUALIFICATION: Degree/Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Experience- Min 7 years experience in power, marine, petrochemical, oil and gas projects.

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Quality Control, Vendor inspection, expediting and engineering are integral part of Projects activities. ENIECO offer a complete range of services. ” A complete solution for your project requirements…”

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