Digital Marketing Specialist

  • February 14, 2020
TOTALS Marketing and Advertising Company
February 14, 2020
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Mr.Mohamed El Hassany
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A reputed Digital Marketing Agency based in Kuwait in on the look out for

Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Candidates with previous and similar experience
  • To be based in Kuwait already

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  • Digital Markeing

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Digital marketing is a continuous process when it comes to provide a result-oriented campaign. Our team of experienced digital technicians work in a systematic way from IBA (Internet Business Analysis) of your business, to understand your needs and campaign requirements. After which we then develop a goal driven campaign under a thoroughly thought out strategy while implementing strict monitoring and measuring tactics of your campaign. Ultimately allowing TOTALS to continuously analysis the results in order to keep our experts on optimizing your campaign until we met your goals.

TOTALS is proud to have assembled a team of hardworking, professional and dedicated digital marketing masters with the emphasis on delivering successful results every time. We accomplish this feat by generating and placing the best content in which to convey your message concisely across the vast digital marketing channels. Our team of experts, by adhering to TOTALS strict protocols, ensures the best practices of planning, development and managing the digital market for your company’s campaign.

We are mastering the digital transformation of our clients while putting our knowledge and expertise of digital marketing into action allowing us squeeze out the very best of this Digital Era.

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